Working with candidates, ballot measure campaigns, organizations and coalitions seeking to solve complex political issues, LG Campaigns creates innovative strategies to achieve success and win.


Clients always ask, how do I win? We always answer, let’s figure that out together!

While experienced, we are always thoughtful. No two situations are ever alike, and every candidate brings their own unique set of qualifications and circumstances to the table.

As a general political consulting firm, we pride ourselves on providing quality service that includes developing a strategic plan and implementing tactics to win your campaign through a range of options that may include polling, direct mail, website development, radio, television, digital advertising and field outreach.

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We like to call LG Campaigns a boutique consulting firm. That’s a fancy of way of saying we are small on purpose. When Lisa Gasperoni launched her own firm after more than 20 years in the campaign business, she wanted to be hands-on, every day. Instead of managing a big staff, Lisa works with clients directly.

LG Campaigns maintains strategic partnerships with experts we’ve worked with for years, allowing us to manage large, statewide projects. That’s how we provide full service – from research, polling and graphic design to printing, media, digital advertising and paid field.

Lisa Gasperoni has a lot of experience, knowledge and a diverse set of relationships. Shrujal Joseph is young, smart and keeps us on the cutting edge.


While we may be small, we help our clients do big things!

We are proud of the people we’ve worked with over the years and the many successes we have shared. Here’s a list of some of our past and current clients.


If you’d like to contact LG Campaigns to learn more about the prospect of working together, we want to hear from you.

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