Working with candidates, ballot measure campaigns, organizations and coalitions seeking to solve complex political issues, LG Campaigns creates innovative strategies to achieve success and win.


Clients always ask, how do I win? We always answer, let’s figure that out together!

While experienced, we are always thoughtful. No two situations are ever alike, and every candidate brings their own unique set of qualifications and circumstances to the table.

As a general political consulting firm, we pride ourselves on providing quality service that includes developing a strategic plan and implementing tactics to win your campaign through a range of options that may include polling, direct mail, website development, radio, television, digital advertising and field outreach.

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We like to call LG Campaigns a boutique consulting firm. That’s a fancy of way of saying we are small on purpose. When Lisa Gasperoni launched her own firm after more than 20 years in the campaign business, she wanted to be hands-on, every day. Instead of managing a big staff, Lisa works with clients directly.

LG Campaigns maintains strategic partnerships with experts we’ve worked with for years, allowing us to manage large, statewide projects. That’s how we provide full service – from research, polling and graphic design to printing, media, digital advertising and paid field.

Lisa Gasperoni has a lot of experience, knowledge and a diverse set of relationships. 

Lisa Gasperoni

Lisa Gasperoni owns LG Campaigns, a firm that provides strategic advice and general political consulting services.  A campaign professional with more than 30 years political experience, Lisa has been involved with more than 250 campaigns — ranging from statewide candidates to Congressional, State Senate, Assembly, Mayoral, Supervisorial and City Council races as well as local and statewide ballot measures and independent expenditure campaigns.  

In addition to managing political campaigns, Lisa is the chief political strategist for Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California (PPAC) and Opportunity PAC, which includes California’s leading labor organizations.  In these roles she is responsible for helping establish electoral campaign priorities and conducting independent expenditure activities.

Lisa launched LG Campaigns in 2013 after serving as the chief political advisor to California State Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, where she was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Democratic Senate campaigns.  Lisa also served as the Executive Director of Californians for Voter Turnout, Education and Registration (Cal VOTER), a political committee that registered and turned-out Democrats in targeted Senate seats during the 2010, 2012 and 2014 election cycles.

Lisa began her career in politics as a campaign operative in the California State Assembly under then Speaker Willie Brown.  She later worked at Ross Communications for 20 years, ultimately heading the organization as CEO.

Lisa Gasperoni lives in Sacramento.  Her son, Taylor Bollinger, works at the Sacramento office of a national, publicly traded home building firm and her son, Nathan Bollinger, is a Navy SEAL Veteran.

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While we may be small, we help our clients do big things!

We are proud of the people we’ve worked with over the years and the many successes we have shared. Here’s a list of some of our past and current clients.

LG Campaigns Client List


State Treasurer Fiona Ma

Yvonne Yiu for State Controller

Dr. Ed Hernandez for Lt. Governor*

Congressman Jim Costa

Congressman Harley Rouda*

Congressman Josh Harder*

Congressman Mike Levin*

Congresswoman Katie Hill*

David Canepa for Congress

Melissa Hurtado for Congress

Angelique Ashby for State Senate*

Catherine Blakespear for State Senate*

Christopher Cabaldon for State Senate

Anna Caballero for State Senate*

Luis Chavez for State Senate

Angelo Farooq for State Senate

Katrina Foley for State Senate

Cathleen Galgiani for State Senate*

Lena Gonzalez for State Senate

Kris Goodfellow for State Senate

Sally Lieber for State Senate

Josh Newman for State Senate*

Richard Pan for State Senate

Elizabeth Romero for State Senate

Richard Roth for State Senate

Tom Umberg for State Senate

Dr. Jasmeet Bains for State Assembly

Juan Carrillo for State Assembly*

Wendy Carrillo for State Assembly

Zoe Carter for State Assembly*

Dina Cervantes for State Assembly

Ronaldo Fierro for State Assembly

Georgette Gomez for State Assembly*

Tasha Boerner Horvath for State Assembly*

Matt Haney for State Assembly*

Anne Kepner for State Assembly

Kathy Miller for State Assembly

Leticia Munguia for State Assembly

James Ramos for State Assembly*

Rudy Salas for State Assembly*

Christy Smith for State Assembly*

Felicia Williams for State Assembly

Eric Mooney for Riverside County Board of Education

Jaclyn Moreno for Sacramento County Supervisor

Nora Vargas for San Diego County Supervisor

Caren Ray for San Luis Obispo County Supervisor

Kim Marra Stephenson for Ventura County Supervisor*

Darrell Steinberg for Sacramento Mayor

Leticia Munguia for Chula Vista City Council

Jacque Casillas for Corona City Council

Felicia Williams for Pasadena City Council

Les Simmons for Sacramento City Council

Harbir Bhatia for Santa Clara City Council*

Kevin Park for Santa Clara City Council*

Suds Jain for Santa Clara City Council*

Anthony Becker for Santa Clara City Council*

Karen Hardy for Santa Clara City Council*

Raj Chahal for Santa Clara City Council*

Jim Perry for Riverside City Council

Steve Hemenway for Riverside City Council

Lorrie Brown for Ventura City Council*

Helen Eloyan for Ventura City Council*

Aaron Gaston for Ventura City Council*

Doug Halter for Ventura City Council*

Bill McReynolds for Ventura City Council*

Nancy Pedersen for Ventura City Council*

Jeanette Sanchez-Palacios for Ventura City Council*


Ballot Initiatives

Yes on Proposition 58 – California Multilingual Education

Yes on Sacramento Measure A – Mayoral Accountability & Equity

No on Sacramento Measure G – Amends Children’s Fund

Yes on Corona Measure X – 1¢ Sales Tax Increase

Yes on Sacramento Measure U – ½¢ Sales Tax Increase 

Yes on Sacramento Measure N – Sacramento Tourism and Economic Development Facilities

No on San Francisco Proposition D – Vacancy Appointments

No on San Francisco Proposition H – Public Advocate 

No on San Francisco Proposition L – Transportation Agency Amendment

No on San Francisco Proposition M – Eliminate Housing and Economic Development Depts.

No on San Francisco Proposition F – Eliminates Payroll Tax

Yes on Riverside Measure A – Local Services & Clean Water

Yes on Riverside Measure Z – 1¢ Sales Tax Increase

Yes on Humboldt County Measure Z – ½¢ Sales Tax

Yes on Sacramento City School District Measure G – Parcel Tax Increase

Yes on Palm Springs Measure D – ½¢ Sales Tax Increase 



Opportunity PAC, whose members include:

AFSCME Local 3299

California Faculty Association

California Federation of Teachers

California Labor Federation

California School Employees Association

California Teachers Association

SEIU California

SEIU Local 1000

United Food and Commercial Workers Western States Council

Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California

Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project Los Angeles County Action Fund

Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte

Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties’ Community Action Fund PAC

Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest


AFSCME California People

Union of American Physicians and Dentists 

NextGen Climate Action

California Real Estate PAC

Californians for Voter Turnout, Education and Registration

California Senate Democratic Caucus

Sacramento County Democratic Party

Sacramento Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO

San Francisco 49ers

California Professional Firefighters

Corona Firefighters Association

Riverside City Firefighters

Palm Springs Firefighters

Ventura County Professional Firefighters’ Association

Ventura City Firefighters Association

Ventura City Police Officers Association

* Independent Expenditure Campaigns



If you’d like to contact LG Campaigns to learn more about the prospect of working together, we want to hear from you.